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Sponsor a Stud

Join us as we kick-off a new Habitat tradition in Ogle County and make a difference in the lives of our next partner family by creating a message of hope, encouragement, or inspiration on their new home. For a donation of $200, you can sponsor a stud (2x6 piece of wood) that will help build a Habitat home. Constructing a Habitat home takes over 300 studs, so every donation counts!



  • Open to Everyone (individuals, groups, organizations, and schools)

  • Tax Deductible

  • Decorate However You Like

    • Draw a picture

    • Showcase your company logo

    • Write a heartfelt message to the family

  • Choose the number of studs to sponsor (1 for $200, 3 for $500, 6 for $1,000) 

  • You will be invited to our “Stud-Finder” preview where you can see where your stud(s) ended up in the framework of the home. 

Studs will be available on designated days at locations throughout Ogle County 


  • Dates and locations for pick-up and drop off will be posted on social media and updated on the website. 

  • For larger orders, we can arrange pick-up or delivery for your convenience.

  • Your sponsorship will help a local family build their forever home, and you'll get to leave your joyful mark!


Board Approval

All stud decorations and sponsored items are subject to final approval from our Board of Directors. We appreciate the creativity and enthusiasm of our community members, and we encourage you to sponsor a stud.  However, please note that the Board has the authority to approve or deny any designs. Any sponsors whose design is denied will be refunded their sponsorship fee.

1. Sponsor a Stud:

  1. Choose the number of studs you'd like to sponsor.

  2. Make a donation of $200 per stud to support the Habitat home construction.

  3. After you purchase your stud, you will receive an email with details on receiving your stud. Questions? Contact Sheri at 815-222-8869 or email

2. Decorate the Stud:

  1. Pick up the stud(s). 

  2. Let your creativity shine! Decorate the stud with your company logo, artwork, or a heartfelt message.

  3. Please note any guidelines or exceptions provided.

3. Return it to Us (or We'll Pick It Up):

  1. You will receive information on ways to return your stud.

How To Sponsor a Stud



Thanks for submitting!

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